Insulation for the reforming furnace tail pipes of hydrogen production unit in CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.

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CompanyCNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.

Project locationHuizhou Refinery Branch

Equipment/pipeline: Reforming furnace tail pipe of hydrogen production unit

Operation Conditions

Pipeline diameter32mm

Interior liquid temperature560

Pipeline length4.5km

Ambient temperature30.9


1, Surface temperature and heat loss due to radiation must be decreased so as to provide a comfortable indoor environment.

2, Installation must be done within confined space because of high density of pipelines.

3, Maintenance is difficult for aerial pipelines.


Aerogel blanket DRT061010mm thickness

Aerogel blanket DRT0603 3mm thickness


3 layers of aerogel blanket DRT0610 and 1 layer of aerogel blanket DRT0603 with single-face aluminum foil, tightly wrapped with aluminum foil glass fiber fabric


After applying aerogel insulation blankets, surface temperature is controlled below 50, with improvement of structural strength in insulation. Collapse of and uneven structure of insulation disappear. Improved insulation property with reduced thickness is achieved, allowing application in confined space.

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