Installation of aerogel blanket for the injection boilers in CNPC Liaohe Oil Field

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Customer Profile

CompanyCNPC Liaohe Oil Field Panjin Branch Company

Project locationLiaohe Oil Field Shuguang Oil Production Plant

Equipment/pipelineInjection boiler

Operation Conditions

Boiler diameter3.3 m

Surface temperature of before insulation200

Wind speed0m/s

Boiler length14m


1, Difficult to install insulation materials because of the boiler diameter.

2, Insulation materials are difficult to be immobilized because nailing and drilling are prohibited on the surface of the boiler.


Aerogel Blanket DRT06066mm thickness


2 layers of DRT0606 aerogel blanket + color steel tile as protection.


After an adoption of 12mm aerogel blanket, the outer surface temperature of the boiler was decreased to 50 , and the indoor temperature dropped by 10 , with improvement of structural strength in insulation. 

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